YOGA for a Cause

Given that the school year is back in full swing I send this message to encourage you to find moments for self-care. The following are three easy and effective on-the-go self-care tips:
1. Remember to Breath – A few deep breaths while in traffic will make the trip much smoother.
2. Oils are Essential – Keep a bottle of Essential Oils in your car, baby bag, or purse dab a little on your temples during the middle of the day or anytime to help with relaxation. My favorite Essential Oil is Lavender…as a REMINDER: We, Curvy Chick Yoga, offers Aromatherapy healing sessions just send me an email and we can arrange for an appointment.
3. Stress Balls – If you haven’t been on my social media yet you haven’t met Mrs. Pencil my new and favorite stress ball for the fall. I love to keep stress balls at home, the car, and in my desk at work.
Ladies, I hope you try one or all of these options. Additionally, Curvy Chick Yoga is proud to announce it’s first “Day of Om” Retreat on October 6th at 11:00am at the Darshan Center626 W. 18th St. in Chicago. Tickets are $30 and will be filled with meditation, intention setting, yoga, a healing circle, Love and HOPE as a portion of the proceeds will go to Day of Hope‘ aNon-for-profit that focuses on providing space for individuals struggling with mental illness.

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