Who we are?

Angelica, owner of Curvy Chick Yoga, has always believe that the earth provides us with what we need at the right time. Her desire for mental stillness and emotional grounding lead her on a short midday walk in 2013. This one moment would change her life and set her on a new path to inner peace. On that day she walked by a yoga studio in Chicago, IL which would be where she spent the next four years practicing. Angelica’s completed her 200 Hour teacher training at Core Power Yoga. Angelica states, “Yoga teaches me how to breathe through the difficult times, how to listen to my body, yoga reminds me to surrender, forgive, and encourages me to accept change.” Yoga transformed her life and constantly reminds her to be kind to oneself and others, but most importantly to be bold and brave. Yoga is the reason Curvy Chick Yoga is no longer a dream and a reality.

We hope to dramatically improve customers’ lives and acquire new customers—or expand our relationship with existing customers—by designing effortless experiences for them. And as we do that, we want those experiences to be elegant, unified, and speak a common language.

Balanced Body & Mind

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